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How to Choose the Right Security DVR

Since the development of technology, DVRs have been widely used in CCTV systems in , . There are many brands of DVRs with high end unit or low quality unit in the security market in , . The initial decision to make is what amount of money you are...Read More

The Importance of Security Video Playback

The performance of any security surveillance system in , depends on the functionality of its components. Many times, it may not be possible to monitor the security of a premise on a real time basis. Premise owners may resort to analyzing recorded...Read More

Which Are Safer? IP vs DVR Security Camera Systems

Apparently, there is a broad range of sophisticated security camera systems in , which you may use for your home's security needs. Improvements in wireless and video technology have made full-color, full motion and high-resolution videos to become...Read More

NVR Security System VS DVR Security System

Are you thinking of buying your new security system or upgrading your old security system into a video surveillance system in , ? One often faces questions in the market about matters they have no idea about. So it is very important for you to do...Read More

3 Types of DVR Systems for Recording Security Footage

Surveillance in , is very common in this age. In order to archive video footage recorded by surveillance cameras, it is very reliable to use Digital Video Recorders. Basically, a Digital Video Recorder is an electronic device that is used to record...Read More

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