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Choosing Fire And Smoke Detectors for Your Business

Businesses that suffer from fire damage may experience property loss, and across the country, that property loss accounted for millions of dollars. For a small business just starting out, this can be devastating. Even larger businesses suffer and...Read More

How Strong Is Your Strategy For Crime Prevention

A National Retail Security Survey carried out in 2017 yielded some surprising results for retail establishments. What it found was that over 35% of total inventory shrink could be attributed to shoplifting, showing how important it is for...Read More

DVR or Cloud Surveilance Which One Is Right For You

Video surveillance has been used for many years. The first video surveillance systems were used by banks and retail establishments in the U.S. in the 1970s. Since that time, many businesses in and around the country have implemented these security...Read More

Protecting A Worship Space From Vandalism

Church and worship space vandalism is something that many of us never consider being a real issue – but it is. In fact, it is something that occurs by the thousands each and every year – and the churches and worship spaces in and around...Read More

Maintenance Workers And Your Property

No matter what its focus is or what it involves, every building in has one thing in common – eventually, they will need maintenance. Whether it’s general maintenance, serious repairs, or just minor custodial work, the fact is that your...Read More

Effective Ways Of Disguising Your Hidden Security Cameras

While placing your security cameras in plain sight can be a great deterrent for crime, there are also some benefits to hiding your security cameras as well. Hidden security cameras can go a long way in preventing a burglar from attempting to disarm...Read More

Cruise Line Security Keeps Passengers Safe

There are many businesses in , that use security cameras to protect their investments. Though cruise ships are not often the first business that one thinks of when it comes to security, they have a unique need for protection. The fact that they...Read More

Why Hotel Security Cameras Are A Good Investment

Hotels are a home away from home. When a weary traveler checks into their hotel, a city they may not know anyone, they want to feel safe and secure. hotels do a great job by providing a comfortable environment by offering a range of amenities....Read More

Security Integration Can Keep Your Business Safe

Today’s businesses have to deal with a lot of complex security challenges.  Technology has made everything faster and provided more tools to make businesses safe and efficient, but it’s also given burglars, corporate spies, hackers,...Read More

Keep Your Business Security Effective With Commonsense Audits and Updates

Security systems change over time.  For one thing, the hardware and software you install at your , location can age and become less effective.  Your system can also become obsolete as newer and better features come out that do more while...Read More

Protecting Your Small Business

For small business owners, your business is your biggest investment. This investment is one that should be kept protected, and the way to do that is with a smart security strategy. Security technology is more accessible, affordable, and effective...Read More

What To Look For In Great Commercial Security

Security cameras are something of a must in today’s commercial security realm. However, with all the options available on the market today, how do you know which one to choose to best suit your needs? Today’s security cameras are more...Read More

This And That About Warehouse Security

Warehouses play a vital role in society today. Various companies, including those right here in , use them to store products, equipment, and more. These buildings have thick concrete walls and sturdy, robust doors to keep the items safe. Some...Read More

Security Tips For Organizations In The Retail Industry

People that decide to go into business for themselves have a bunch of industries to choose between. On many occasions, individuals elect to open retail stores or outlets. Why? Well, if proprietors appeal to the correct audience and offer the right...Read More

3 Reasons Your Company Should Already Have Surveillance Cameras

A lot can happen in a workplace.  Customers and clients can steal things big and small, employees can take advantage of their employer’s trust and take money out of the till, angry visitors can make a scene and threaten to sue, and...Read More

Every Business Deserves Strong Security

No matter what kind of industry you’re in or what sort of building you work in, you have assets that are worth protecting.  They could be secret recipes and expensive kitchen equipment, piles of goods and dozens of shelves, rows of...Read More

Why Every Business Can Benefit from a Security System

Every business or commercial property can benefit from having the right security system in place for different reasons. When you take the steps to protect your business, you are also protecting your employees, your assets, and your investment as...Read More

Can A Security System Help Curb Workplace Violence?

Security systems are useful for a range of different things. For one, in a home or office setting, the devices can be useful for deterring burglars and stopping break-ins. They can also be helpful to parents for keeping an eye on their kids while...Read More

Get Better Mall Security With Cameras

While shopping malls in , may have had their biggest heyday in the 80s and 90s, that doesn’t mean that these merchant centers are dead. The ability to go into a single building, with many shops, without having to worry about whether...Read More

Signs Your Convenience Store Needs A Security Upgrade

For convenience store owners, security systems are not an option, but a necessity. However, with how quickly technology is advancing the security system currently in use may be outdated and inefficient. Below are signs it may be time for you to...Read More

Why Your Waiting Room Needs A Surveillance System

When many people think of security camera security they think of their home or business, but what about health clinics?  Whether a hospital, doctors office, or dentist office, your waiting room needs a security system.  Surveillance in...Read More

Your Parking Lot Should Be Secure

We usually think of a parking lot in , as just a place that people store their vehicles when not in use. The reality, however, is that property managers need to go beyond this line of thinking and see a parking lot as a place to protect an...Read More

Can Video Surveillance Nip Employee Theft Issues In The Bud?

A lot of people overlook particular security problems in the workplace. For instance, some folks believe that potential threats are likely only to come from outside sources. These persons are right to a degree, as there are shoplifters, burglars,...Read More

Keep Your Restaurant Safe And Sound With These Tips

People choose to get into the restaurant industry for various reasons. Some folks decide to invest in a chain to reap the benefits of an organization's brand and name. Meanwhile, others elect to go in a different direction with a startup. Regardless...Read More

Do You Have Sufficient Business Security In Place?

When you’re in charge of a business, there are numerous elements that you’ll need to keep up with. One that is easy to overlook is your security, and it’s vital that when you’re overseeing a business that you make sure you...Read More

The Top Three Biggest Security Threats To Financial Institutions

Financial institutions will always be a top target for criminal activity. Anywhere there are large sums of money will attract a variety of criminals. So for the most part, financial institutions like banks, credit unions, and savings and loans...Read More

Business Security And Monitoring Your Property

When it comes to modern business operations, few things are as obvious as the fact that a company operating today will face numerous threats from a variety of sources. As such, it’s important that you keep an eye on your , business and the...Read More

Easy Ways To Secure Your Business Properly

Business is about two main things – generating revenue, and controlling expense. You need to be able to earn more than you spend in a given period or else your business will be destined to fail. But one thing that may have a hugely negative...Read More

Security Solutions to Protect Your Business

If you are a business owner in , then you are very aware of how time-consuming and challenging running your own business can be. With all the different aspects of the business to contend with, some areas may fall short, and corners may be cut. One...Read More

Protect Your Business With The Right Surveillance System

In this day and age, business owners in more than ever must go above and beyond to protect their assets. A video surveillance system cannot stop crimes like shoplifting or burglary from taking place, but they can limit them from occurring. Just...Read More

You Can Have Security Even On A Small Business Budget

When you run a small business in , you know that every cent counts.  Not only do you have to make enough money to keep yourself and your family fed, you also have to pay your employees, pay your rent, maintain your insurance, make payments on...Read More

Easy Ways To Secure Your Business

Your business in , is one of the biggest investments in your life, and making sure that it succeeds is important. Of course, a huge part of that success comes in making sure that you take the steps needed to drive profits up while keeping overall...Read More

4 Reasons To Install Security Cameras At Your Small Business

Large corporations have been utilizing surveillance systems for years. However, sometimes, the small business owner doesn't have the funding to install security cameras and is left hung out to dry. The safety measures are just not in the budget....Read More

4 Reasons To Use Security Cameras In Malls

Shopping malls in , are crowded public spaces where people of all ages and all demographics come together to buy clothing and other goods, eat some fast food, and otherwise hang out with friends.  It’s also where many people come to pick...Read More

3 Ways To Protect Your Business From Theft

There are all kinds of ways to lose money to theft.  Customers could shoplift, burglars could show up after dark and steal valuable equipment, vandals could damage the property and steal metal or even trees, and employees can abuse the trust...Read More

5 Basic Network Security Tips for Small Businesses

Even if you believe you are at low-risk for cyber attacks, your business in , does always face a threat of being broken into. As a matter of fact, nearly 45% of attacks are geared to small businesses meaning 1 in 40 small businesses are prone to...Read More

Making Right Decisions When Purchasing Business Security Cameras

As a business owner in , , or manager of security for a business in , , it is imperative that the right security cameras are purchased for business use. This not only allows staff to think of more important business matters, it also ensures the...Read More

Ultimate Buyer's Guide for Business Security Cameras

The success of any , business depends on how well it is managed. It is important to protect your business against threats, such as malicious mischief, theft and burglary to avoid any distractions. One of the best ways to enhance the safety of a...Read More

Improving Surveillance with License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition (LPR) is one of the perfect ways of screening incoming and outgoing traffic in your , company. A few years ago, license plate recognition was regarded as a highly advanced security tool only used by law enforcement...Read More

The Best Locations for Installing Security Camera Systems in the Office

Security cameras should be installed in , offices to ensure that employees are properly held accountable regarding their conduct. Most importantly, security cameras can be of huge help in instances when the need may arise to identify masterminds...Read More

Huge Upside to Using Mobile iPhone and Android Applications in Your Business Security System

If you have been using a mobile application for purposes of accessing your video surveillance system in , , then you probably have experienced the incredible power and utility of tablet and phone camera access capabilities. Today's video security...Read More

5 Tips for Getting the Best Deal Out Of Your Security System

A good security system in , makes all the difference between a good night's sleep and a restless one. How many people understand how to optimize their surveillance system entirely? Only setting the system up is not enough. You need to do it...Read More

Tips On How To Design A Robust Security Solution For Your Business

Implementing a robust security solution for your , business is one of the smart investment decisions you can make. You will protect your business and employees from the harm of potential thefts, and also ensure that fire incidences, vandalism, and...Read More

Top 5 Benefits of Installing Security Cameras in Your Business

Video surveillance is vital to any modern business in , . They help to make the business environment a safer place to work, while still protecting against burglaries and outside break-ins. Cameras monitor suspicious activities, stop shoplifting,...Read More

The Benefits of Mall Security Cameras

In this current time and age, it would be quite unusual to come across a mall in , that has not installed any security cameras. For many, this may appear as a small easily overlooked measure but there are indeed numerous benefits to having security...Read More

Day Care Security Cameras & Surveillance Systems

As a parent, the security of your child should always be your first priority especially if you are living them under the care of others. Schools and daycares in , have started to install security surveillance systems because they know that it is a...Read More

How Can Integrated Security Solutions Help Your Business

There are many , companies who will tell you that their security product is the latest and best thing to solve your security concerns. They'll promise that their new infrared camera will deter even Danny Ocean and his team. They'll promise the most...Read More

The Best Security Cameras for Protecting Your Business

Are you looking to buy the best security cameras in , ? Do you want to protect your home and office in the best possible manner? That can be possible with the advanced and effective security cameras. In the current market, different types of...Read More

6 Advantages Digital Video Surveillance Systems Provide Businesses

Technology has really transformed how businesses conduct operations. It is as a result of advancements in technology that digital video surveillance systems have been invented. These systems tender myriad advantages in the business sphere. The...Read More

Ten Tips From Security System Experts On Securing Your Business

Whether in the manufacturing or the service sector in , , investing in proper security solutions is essential for the business. Nowadays expensive assets and technologies form the core of most businesses and are largely at stake. A strong security...Read More

How to Protect Your Business from Theft

Whether you are opening the doors on a brand new startup or shepherding a business that has been around for decades in , , you need to take the physical and data security of the operation seriously. The threats have never been greater, and the...Read More

Large Format High Definition Flatscreen Monitors May Not Be the Best for Security Monitoring

Before you go out and buy one of those impressive 42" high definition monitors so your customers know you have a first class security system monitoring your premises, think again. Large format HD monitors are able to deliver spectacular imagery,...Read More

Most Popular Remote Access Security Camera Apps for Small Business Owners

Are you a small business owner in , who would like to keep an eye on your business when you are away from your premises? Would you like to be able to monitor your employees when you cannot be on the floor overseeing their work output? Thanks to...Read More

Protect Your Small Business - The Benefits of Installing Security Cameras

You put a lot of blood, sweat and tears -- not to mention money -- into your , business, so it is only natural to want to protect it. Whether you are running a brand-new startup or inheriting a longstanding family business, the right security...Read More

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